Denson Liquor Bar (Close to walk) -

Across the street from a fire station, one is able to find an old-school cocktail bar tucked away in the lower level of 600 F Street NW.  This proper liquor bar has leather booths and timeless atmosphere provide a welcome civilized reprieve from the hustle and bustle above.  From the bar, you'll find an emphasis on classic cocktails and an expansive but carefully curated selection of spirits that includes known favorites, interesting explorations, and rare and luxurious indulgences.

Google Maps to the Denson Liquor Bar

Left Door  (2 miles from the hotel)

If your mood is somewhere between needing to do just that and wishing you went somewhere a little quieter, the Left Door will be your happy home for the evening.  You’ll know it immediately when you get to the bar at the top of the stairs: The bartenders are following all of the mixology rules—the emphatic shakes and swizzles, the ignited lemon peels—but without any of the pretense.  They match their outfits—a white shirt, tweed vest, and (bow) tie combo—and chat up bargoers, all the while creating an ad hoc community over fabulous twists on Sazeracs.

Google Maps to the Let Door

Chicken and Whiskey (2 miles from the hotel) -

“Hidden” behind a fake freezer door, customers can enjoy one of the many choice whiskies served inside the 50 person bar after 5 p.m.  Chicken + Whiskey is an authentic South American joint specializing in Peruvian rotisserie chicken and Venezuelan sandwiches, salads and sides.  Venezuelan culinary star, Enrique Limardo delivers deliciously flavorful food good, fast, and cheap...and there's a kick ass whiskey bar in the back

Google Maps to the Chicken and Whiskey

Beuchert's Saloon
(2.4 miles from the hotel) -

Beuchert's pays homage to the speakeasy that operated there during Prohibition with its 1920s decor and rustic vibe.  The narrow, cozy whiskey bar and restaurant has vintage, Western vibe. It's exactly the sort of place you'd expect a cowboy to saddle up for a straight shot of whiskey. With wooden floors, brick walls, and leather, tufted booths with wooden chairsThe menu focuses on farm-to-table fare (grilled ramps with cured quail egg, heirloom carrots with whipped ricotta) and regional specialties (crab-laced Carolina gold rice, shrimp and grits).

Directions to the Beuchert's Saloon

Harold Black (2.5 miles from the hotel) -

This 1920s-style speakeasy above Acqua Al 2 in Eastern Market is super hush-hush— drinkers have to know it's there. There's seating for around 30 inside. The menu features light fare like charcuterie and sweets like cheesecake.  Accessed by a secret sliding wall, this snug, dimly lit space serves craft cocktails & snacks.

Google Maps to Harold Black

Elixir Bar (2.5 miles from the hotel) -

Located within Barrel on Capitol Hill, this serious cocktail destination prides itself on being a speakeasy without the hurdles or hassles.  Its a Rustic whiskey lounge featuring a modest menu of Southern small plates,  It’s normally named the Elixir Bar; it sometimes features more explicit themes—tiki, for example—just for the fun of it.

Google Maps to the Elixir Bar

Reading Room at Petworth Citizen (3.5 miles from the hotel) -

A bar and reading room experience that will satisfy your bookish side. Petworth Citizen & Reading Room has literary cocktails, great food and a great atmosphere.  A laid back place for bookish people and foodies, on Friday and Saturday nights you can expect to find scholarly types silently getting plastered off of “Literary Cocktails.” Come in one night and you could get a scotch drink based off of the quizzical adventures of Sherlock Holmes, or a mezcal inspired cocktail based on Slaughterhouse-Five.

Google Maps to the Reading Room at Petworth Citizen


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