Make people happy, that’s what I’m here to do. 
Cooking has always been a way to please people, make them feel comfortable, and welcome.  If, in a year, or 3, or 10, you remember that you were at ease and taken care of while you were here, well, then, I’ve done my job. 

Even if you don’t specifically remember a dish, but the experience, the atmosphere, the people you were with, then that is a success.  

I can always send you recipe cards to remember the food.  The personal connection is what makes the difference here.  I hope that what we put on the plate is a stimulus for conversation at the table, a vehicle for making those personal connections, as well as a representation of where and who we are, here in Washington DC.  

Chesapeake Blue Crabs are not the same as any other blue crab.  The lamb that we buy from our neighbors in Pennsylvania is not like the lamb you might have in Colorado or New Zealand. 

The Berkshire and Cheshire pork from Maryland and Virginia have a sense of place that I hope shows through in our cooking. 

These things all have their story, yes, but, I want you to leave here with your own stories, created around the table, with the company, atmosphere, service, and hospitality that you will experience here at the Washington Court Hotel.
 Happy Eating!
Chef Mario

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