Smithsonian Museum Tours

There are 17 museums and galleries in Washington, DC that bring art, science, and history to the public. They all offer free admission, too.

The Smithsonian Institution, established in 1846 with funds from James Smithson, has evolved into the world's largest museum complex with 16 museums, the National Zoo and various research centers. Today the Smithsonian is a worldwide symbol of culture, education, exploration and enlightenment.

To experience the wonder of the museum's collections, just follow the links below.

Start at the Smithsonian Information Center where you can see an introduction to the Smithsonian buildings as well as a valuable map. The Virtual Smithsonian offers an interactive tour through the museum complex, complete with video highlights.

The National Museum of American History contains several centuries of machines, photographs and other famous American objects. The museum offers some unique items from pop culture, such as Dorothy's ruby slippers from the Wizard Of Oz. Many of their popular exhibitions are available online.

Step inside the gold-domed building of the Museum of Natural History, home to dinosaur skeletons, the largest African elephant ever captured, a live insect zoo and the Hope Diamond.

The National Air and Space Museum is the world's most popular museum with more than 7.5 million visitors every year. See airplanes and space vehicles dangle from the ceilings, as well as the Wright Brothers' original biplane hanging in the entrance gallery. The Space Wing holds a moon rock, the Skylab space station and the Apollo XI command module. Be sure to check out the Apollo to the Moon exhibition!

Check out the map below to begin planning your next DC adventure at the Washington Court Hotel.

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